subject & patient experience

make it easy for patients and subjects to freely share/express information about the treatment or symptoms from their own comfortable zone, in a secured community setting under elix vigilance.

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signal detection

let elix use the patent pending signal detection and pass through to incumbent pharmacovigilance systems with seamless integrations.

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clinical trials & post launch

go from requirements to operationalizing in phase III & phase IV clinical trials to post product launch with elix in no time.

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let elix take care of signal detection during clinical trials and post market launch.

artificial intelligence & deep learning

with native NLP support, elix can be configured to leverage deep learning and ai based dynamic workflows

empowered enterprise

with extensible elix bot rendering framework and api, customizing integrations with your existing pharmacovigilance systems is a breeze.

Competitive Advantage

as consumers are embracing the pace of innovation, companies want to better position themselves to provide the best customer experience. with the help of elix, reach your patients & subjects in their own comfort zone.

Significant cost savings

reduced manual intervention to review ICSRs by customizing elix confidence levels. with patent pending signal monitoring, early signal detection and signal evaluation, the pharma companies will have an ability to proactively take measures to avoid potential drug recalls.

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